What is the best approach to reaching you with my questions?


Why do you have 2 shops?


There are several ways to reach me! Please choose your favorite:

- Text: 612.429.4755

- Email: ashley@dearheartllco.com

- Message me on FB messenger

- Message me on Instagram messenger

- Directly from my 2 shops: Jewelry & Soft Creations


Great question! There are a few reasons for this. 


1) Currently, my DH Soft Creations shop is seasonal and will close down throughout the summer months. This may change in the future but at this time, this shop will close for the season once the soft creation accessories sell out. 

2) I want my shops to focus on each accessory type exclusively. That way those looking to browse jewelry will get to explore all the jewelry designs of Dear Heart. Likewise, those looking for hats and ear warmers will get to explore all the soft creations designs of Dear Heart. 

3) Both shops are powered by Etsy. This allows my shops to be found by those shopping small businesses on the Etsy.com websites 🤍 

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